Sunday, November 13, 2005

80% of my "A-Team" is ready and set...

...and as always, it's a top-notch one if I do say so myself (in alphabetical order after the first two)...
Charlize Theron- Big surprise, huh? The woman is seriously talented dramatically (North to those shunned it in favor of...too many "stinkers" to mention), comedically (Arrested Development...double-boo to those who wouldn't watch this funny show, but will support swill like "The {Bore} at Home" post-"Simpsons"), and just seriously sexy, period (Aeon Flux...T-3 agonizingly long weeks)...all without being a stuck-up, ego-fueled snot-rag about it (not to mention any names, but "see" the worst actress in "Catwoman"; a hint- not the one featured later on this list!). One of the all-time great femmes, as if there was any doubt... :))o
Elle Macpherson- Lost her beau this year but none of her ever-lasting appeal...another great, classy, devastatingly sexy being that can (still) wear a bikini (or just about anything else she damn well pleases) the age of 42(!), not to mention fuel so many of my wildest fantasies (ask some of my fellow authors about that if you don't think that's so)... :))
also making the cut:
Halle Berry- Showed her sense of humor (among many of her winning attributes) by accepting her Razzie* award (that she didn't deserve, BTW...there were much worse acting perfs out there) in person, proving that one mis-step will not keep this perennial hottie down...
Cameron Diaz- Came back strong with her best movie/performance in years (In Her Shoes...what I said earlier re. Charlize goes here as well); said to be teaming up with Kate Winslet (in a movie, but still worthy of a ;-)) )...another fun-loving beauty who does justice to the marvelous invention known as the bikini... :)))
Jennifer Garner- I gently reminded CL that she was (and IS) part of MY group, and I'm in no mood to let her go (not that I can disparage his good taste)...the soon-to-be YM/MILF was the best (only?) thing in the misguided "Elektra", along with the red leather lucky enough to be wrapped around her... :))
Elizabeth Hurley- Back with a venegance after (barely) missing the hallowed "A"-heights last year...another Hall-of Fame femme, and MILF in good standing...
Scarlett Johansson- The youngest (and sole first-timer) of this exclusive group...well-built in all the right places, and savvy enough to stay the F away from Nicole Richie ;-<< (if only the same could be said of Michael "Over-glorified/bombastic video maker" Bay, though that's a minor hiccup in the grand scheme of her promising career)...
Angelina Jolie- Not everyone gets her, to be sure, but those who went along for the Jolie ride this year had lots of fun doing so :))...if only Mr. and Mrs. Smith (as well as her other films/activities) were available in an "unrated" version... ;->
(*Remind me to give John B. Wilson, the "head" of the Razzie Awards, to soon give him the bloggal thrashing he so richly deserves!)
Not to worry, I'll name the remaining two to this list before we run out of 2005 (still too close to call, you know), to be chosen from my next group...

Friday, November 11, 2005

The first step in building a Top 100 list...

Since the beginning of this decade (the 00's?!?!?!? Well, what would you call it?), my fellow author/blogger/friend CindyLover and I have combined to put an annual Top 100 list of our favorite women, each choosing 50, some of which we can choose to "protect" for the following year...he has already begun his process, and with one exception (that I'll soon explain why), his "A-Team" is right on :)))...I must admit that it may take until the very end of the year to come up with my overall Top 10, so be's a duty I take seriously... ;-))

About time I came...

...back from my not-entirely-self-imposed hiatus...I thought I'd give a few "shout-outs":
to CindyLover...for your ever-inventive stories/fantasies, and for inspiring me to not settle for less re. mine...
to the Artist once(?) known as Kira's Slave...for your blog ideas/musings that I cannot possible hope to match but enjoy just the same; also much thanks to the card you sent me (such a gift is always appreciated by yours truly), and to express my sorrow that I cannot YM you as often/thoroughly as I'd like :((...
to JenO...for your student adventures (good luck, if I haven't mentioned it to you yet), and so sorry about the demise of the Red Sox (though they got further-again-than my Phillies! :((( ), though it was admittedly a tough act to follow), though it WAS good to know that the Yankees (aka team spend-a-lot) went no further... :))
to your friendship as well, and inspiring many of my most awesome/wicked thoughts, esp. about some of your faves I probably wouldn't have thought about otherwise (nice to know how some of them "blend" well with some of mine! :)) ). Also, never let it be said that I don't hold Rose McGowan in high regard just because her rankings on my list may seem low (still way higher than FHM's/Maxim's, at least...what's up with them???)...she's indeed someone who's worthy of sharing the big screen (and then some) with Scarlett Johansson... :)))
More shout-outs to follow soon...

Friday, October 14, 2005

Cammie D at #6????

Check our, then tell me how (at least) four out of the five femmes ranked above my second-favorite blonde actress are rated as such, ESPECIALLY #5!!! :(((

Sunday, October 09, 2005

I'm VERY disappointed in the moviegoing public... :((

...for not giving "In Her Shoes" (with Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette, directed by Curtis Hanson) the love it deserves, instead preferring to see the mediocre "Flightplan" instead (STILL? WHY???) by a $10.7 mil. to $10.0 margin...
Excuse me while I curse out the pop-culture gods some more... :(((

Friday, October 07, 2005

Fuck you, David Spade!

For your rant re. Eva Longoria's so-called overexposure (like we haven't been subjected to your untalented rat face for far too long now!) on the (one can hope) soon-to-be-ashcanned "The Showbiz Show with David Spade", yet another pathetically unfunny "Daily Show" wannabe; there, I SAID IT, BITCH!!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

More Charlize news (get used to it)...

The ever-lovely South African export will appear on "The (U.S.) Tonight Show With Jay Leno" to promote her upcoming film "North Country", which is gathering potential Ocsar buzz for her (again) :))...between her two films due by the end of the year, her fun turn on "Arrested Development", getting her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, and her other apprearances/mag covers, you might say I'm a bit "psyched" for her interview, despite the fact that Jay Leno is totally unfunny and a lazy-ass interview (he does to much promotion/displaying mag covers in lieu of actual questions/anecdotes); still, his recent track record of luring top femmes (Jessica Alba, MILF-to-be Jennnifer Garner, and Cameron Diaz all showed up last week) gives him at least some cred with me (for now)...

Friday, September 30, 2005

Back with some questions...

Who you are:
Where I met you:
You think my middle name is ________
How long have you known me?
Do I smoke?
Do I drink?
Am I rated R for hard language?
Do I believe in the Lord Almighty?
What was the first impression you had of me after we met?
My eyes are A) green B) blue C) brown D) red...because...
Name 3 of my favorite things to do.
Am I funny? Not like Sarah Silverman funny, but "funny" funny?
Do you remember one of the first things I said to you?
My favorite musical genre is ________
Name my best feature, in a haiku.
Extrovert or introvert?
Follow the rules or make my own?
Special talents?
Favorite nickname?
Your favorite memory of me is the time we...
What's one of my worst habits?
Finally, out of all the friends I have, name the one I would most likely have a relationship with and the one I would most like to have a one-night stand with.
Whew...filling that our is a chore, but strangely rewarding...hoping you feel the same way...

MMMMMMonica! :)))

Sad to say, this may be the LAST time I honor a femme on her birthday, due to the difficulties I've had in making this happen et al, so let's end this feature on a GOOD note (though I still intend to occasionally put up some hot pics when the mood strikes :)) ) !!!
Now THAT'S a way to finish that bit off, no? :)))